While employing the best practices from multiple schools of thought, Coach Carr has sculpted an unorthodox outreach endeavor. Upon entering his 1st year as an 8th Grade Science Teacher and Coach, Carr attended a professional development workshop in which the presenter stressed the importance and significance of fostering an academic milieu that was predicated on fostering unconditional positive regard. Additionally, the presenter suggested creating a class mission statement using a personalized acrostic that would engender positive values, virtues, and character traits.

In applying methods/techniques learned in that seminar, Coach Carr penned the S.O.L.D.I.E.R.S. Mission Statement. As a token of his appreciation for consistently exhibiting the qualities of Service, Organization, Leadership, Discipline, Improvement, Education, Respect, and Sacrifice, Coach (and Mrs. Carr) would sponsor an end of the school year SOLDIERS celebration, in which he would present each of his “SOLDIERS” with a personalized dog tag from GAS.

Since its inception, the celebration, “Platinum Status” SOLDIERS, and the dog tags have become a staple among Carr’s classes. Over the past 14 years, SOLDIERS has developed into more than merely a social contract. For many second, third, and even fourth “generation” students, becoming one of Coach Carr’s SOLDIERS has become a rite of passage and a coveted badge of honor. Even more gratifying, is the fact that many SOLDIERS have gone on to earn further academic distinctions and athletic accolades in high school and college. In that direction, GAS is utilizing the principles embedded within the SOLDIERS Mission Statement (in conjunction with other initiatives) to create a mentor program for at-risk students.

The following are some of our past student “SOLDIER” testimonials:

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