Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How

Established in 1998 (Louisville, KY) after a life-changing evangelistic endeavor facilitated by one of his former U.S. Army comrades and co-laborer in Christ (Special Forces/Airborne Ranger, Sergeant Robert F. Dodd), GAS’s founder Eric M. Carr (Coach Carr) was inspired to energize a movement in order to equip fellow believers and truth seekers with spiritual armament (Ephesians 6:12).

In the spirit of carrying on with GAS’s mission and embodying the slogan of providing “Fuel for Life,” Coach Carr has since leveraged his teaching, coaching, and counseling endeavors to mobilize God-given talents for The Kingdom’s Agenda. Over the course of the past 18 years, Coach Carr has been instrumental in employing a vast array of community resources and social capital to empower and challenge family, friends, coworkers, students, organizations, and even strangers to maximize their potential.

Since relocating to (Houston, TX), and in the process of developing an eclectic methodological communication style and being committed to application, Carr has converted theory into practice in that he is devoted to the personal incorporation of knowledge. Likewise, Carr regularly applies theoretical concepts learned throughout a life of recreational activity, educational pedagogy, and ecumenical theology to build Godly relationships. In short, by habitually striving to live a life worthy of the calling (Ephesian 4:1), and by allowing the Holy Spirit inside him to fuel others within his sphere of influence to do the same, Carr has mobilized God’s Army Supply as a vehicle (no pun intended) to reach the world for Jesus Christ!

Our goal is to become a non-profit evangelistic corporation dedicated to building up the Church, which is the Body of Christ. As a Christ-centered corporation, we will create value for our customers, employees, and investors by:

  • Edifying God in all that we do;
  • Equipping soldiers to grow in their faith and the practical application of it in their lives;
  • Enhancing fellowship, communication and relationship-building within the Christian community;
  • Encouraging and/or enabling people involvement by caring for those who are spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially prisoners of war.
  • Enlisting the technology of the internet to provide a web-portal and/or medium for prospective browsers to periodically locate God-centered information related to any aspect of life.

GAS Mission Statement

  1. To Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  2. To Gather communities, churches, children, senior citizens, convicts, civil men, and the rest of the world populations and extend the plan of salvation; by reaching out, building bridges, and by sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ!
  3. To Generate resources and funds for programs by establishing a service-oriented network of faith-based organizations, outreach ministries, and dedicated individuals in order to cultivate spiritual awareness and corporate responsibility, with a strategy of utilizing niche marketing concepts and items.

GAS Website Content Statement

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive web-portal with the freshest and most compelling biblically-based content to Christians who take seriously their relationship with Christ. GAS is built around four outreach programs which are Youth, Baby-boomers, Senior Saints, and Missions/Mercies. Our primary focus within those programs is strengthening the Mind, Body, and Soul. Our website will provide timely, relevant, life-enhancing material from qualified, respected Christian sources (click here), including major ministries such as The Urban Alternative, Focus on the Family, Insight For Living, InTouch, Our Daily Bread, and Living On The Edge.